Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

提供专业的搜索引擎优化服务,专注于为企事业单位提供搜索引擎优化排名、SEO关键词优化 、分类目录登录、搜索引擎登录、付费搜索引擎广告、关键词广告、百度竞价排名、网站链接策略等服务。
公司运用国际搜索引擎行业领先的效果行销(Performance Marketing)理念,结合领先的搜索后台优化后台服务技术,为客户提供量身定做的优化方案和系统服务。我们基于搜索行业标准以及长期的实践和智慧,帮助企业快速占领自身领域的搜索引擎市场,持续获得稳定的客户,提升企业的投资回报率。


We are experts in Search Engine Optimization, combining proven online marketing strategies with creative implementation to generate significant results for your business.Our results-driven SEO consists of high quality strategies that enhance brand presence and drive ROI. We help top brands deliver the top placement that generates revenue and solidifies their industry dominance. By combining best practices with creative innovation, we develop a comprehensive on and off-site roadmap that brings organic visibility and targeted traffic to businesses online.


In just one year, Tenede has successfully grown digital marketing ROI and helped the niche brand outrank big box retailers in a highly competitive search landscape. Search marketing has become a major revenue channel for and one of the pillars of their overall brand strategy. Tenede has grown search revenue by over 110%, with a 70% higher conversion rate and a 130% lift in unique purchases. Through SEO and PPC, Tenede has helped navigate their digital strategy, grow online sales, and reach an untapped, global audience.

increase inonline revenue
increase inconversion rate
increase inunique purchases



Without the correct search engine placement your site could be losing out on a vast amount of potential business. How could Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) help your business? Think of your website as a shop in a city centre. At the moment it's tucked away down a vast network of narrow alleyways where nobody has any hope of finding it. All the successful shops are sitting prominently on the main high street where hundreds of potential customers walk by every day. So just how can you move your shop closer to the punters and grab a slice of the action? This is where our SEO service can help. With our SEO service we will ensure your website is on the first page of search results where your customers are most likely to find you. With greater visibility your site will see more visitors, more enquiries and ultimately more new business.



A perfect SEO starategy is two pronged:



There are many factors that determine SEO success. The most important of them are keywords – the ones used to identify your business. Other important considerations are content, site popularity, inbound links, locality, and social media integration. First, it should do the obvious and provide strong results in search rankings for major keywords. The second, and more neglected factor, is how well the SEO strategy complements your existing website and branding.